Collabtive 3.0 released

Today we are happy to announce the release of Collabtive 3.0.

It’s a major version release and the result of extensive development going on over the last year.
With more than 50 changes, this is also one of our largest releases to date.
All known bugs have been fixed.

The focus of this release is on performance improvements and a more responsive user experience.
To achieve this, a new plugin system has been implemented and the user interface completely overhauled.

More Responsive User Interface
The Collabtive UI has been re-engineered using modern JavaScript rendering technology.
It loads faster and enables a more reactive user experience.
Page reloads have been minimized in favor of asynchronous loading and rendering of data.
Likewise, the creation of projects, tasks, etc. is now asynchronous.
The new UI rendering system also lays the foundation for more improvements in future releases.

Improved Plugin System
Collabtive 3.0 features a completely new plugin architecture allowing for fully modular plugins.
It preserves the ability to cache plugin components enabling high performance.
It also implements a consistent interface to which all Collabtive plugins will be programmed going forward.

Additionally all our existing plugins have been re-written to provide more features and improve user experience.

Improved Messaging
The messaging system in Collabtive 3.0 has been improved and now allows for unlimited nesting of replies.
This way a message can have arbitrarily deep replies.

Additionally the ability to send private messages has been added. Private messages can only be viewed by their designated recipient.

Android and Windows Platform Support
Platform support has been greatly improved for Collabtive 3.0.
The Collabtive App for Android has been re-written to be easier and faster to use.

Additionally we have released Collabtive for Windows. It enables a native app experience for Windows users.
It allows users of Collabtive to simply “install” Collabtive as a Windows program.
This means you add a native Windows application to the desktop, that runs Collabtive in a native app window instead of the browser.
It can be used with any existing Collabtive setup.

Download Collabtive for Windows for free:

Updating Plugins
Since the plugin architecture has been completely re-written, all plugins will need to be updated in order to work with Collabtive 3.0.
All of our plugins have been updated to work with Collabtive 3.0 and provide an improved user experience.

Additionally a new audio/video conferencing plugin has been released.

For existing users of our plugins, plugin updates will be available at a 50% discount off the normal price.
All plugins sold for Collabtive 3.0 will be compatible with all releases until Collabtive 4.0 (i.e. 3.1., 3.2, etc).

Updating Collabtive
Be sure to backup your database and the FTP folder containing your uploaded files (./files) before doing an update.
Updating from earlier versions of Collabtive is supported using 6 steps:

  1. Unpack the Collabtive archive.
  2. Retrieve config.php from your server.
  3. Put your config.php in /config/standard/ in the folder where you unpacked the archive, replacing the blank one.
  4. Upload everything to your server, replacing any old Collabtive files.
  5. Point your browser to update.php.
  6. Delete install.php and update.php from your server.

Collabtive 3.0 can be downloaded from the mirrors at our download page: