Collabtive 2.1 released

Today we have released Collabtive 2.1.

it brings bugfixes, performance improvements as well as new features.

Improved performance
For this release the event logging mechanism has been refactored.
This results in very noticeable speedups, especially when working with many tasks and projects.

Improved timetracker
The timetracker has been improved. The user is now able to enter the number of hours worked, in addition to specific hours.

SQLite support
In addition to MySQL, Collabtive now also supports SQLite.
It is especially suited for small to medium installations of Collabtive. You can select it in the installer.
Since SQLite is bundled with PHP, no additional database server needs to be installed.

Updating Plugins

Due to the refactoring of the event logging all plugins will have to be updated, too, in order to work with Collabtive 2.1.
For existing users of our plugins, this will be provided as a free update.

Updating Collabtive
Be sure to backup your database and the FTP folder containing your uploaded files (./files) before doing an update.

Updating from Collabtive 2.0 is supported using these steps:

  1. Unpack the Collabtive archive.
  2. Retrieve config.php from your server.
  3. Put your config.php in /config/standard/ in the folder where you unpacked the archive, replacing the blank one.
  4. Upload everything to your server, replacing any old Collabtive files.
  5. Point your browser to update.php.
  6. Delete install.php and update.php from your server.

Collabtive 2.1 can be downloaded from the mirrors at our download page: