Top 10 Myths about Open Source

Minor misunderstandings and misconceptions get repeated enough, and the next thing you know, myths are born. So Dave Ranking took the time to do some debunking:

Let’s see which of these myths are defied by Collabtive:

2. “You can only run open source software on Linux.”
Collabtive is mostly run on Linux, but it also works on other operating systems, like e.g. Microsoft’s IIS.

3. “You can’t make money with open source software.”
While the base version of Collabtive is free, you can buy additional services and plugins. A working pricing model guarantees ongoing support, improvements and security updates.

4. “Only programmers can contribute to open source projects.”
Our core team consists of developers, but the community of contributors also includes translators, designer, testers and writers.

6. “Open source is just for hobbies … it doesn’t matter in the real world.”
Project management software certainly is a mainly used in business, and so is Collabtive.

8. “Open source is for loners.”
Much of the time Collabtive development is all about interacting with the community.

10. “Open source software is too technical.”
The primary goals for the development of Collabtive include simplicity, clean design, and visual beauty. To us it is crucial to keep the software nice and easy to use, also for non-technical users.

Working with open source software is fun and we are glad we chose that approach back in 2007, when Philipp and Marcus started the development project behind Collabtive.

We are always looking for help in the following areas:

- Web development (PHP, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, MySql)
- Documentation (any language)
- Design
- Publicity (blogging, SEO, SMO)
- Translation (any language)
- Testing

Would you like to join the fun?
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