Collabtive 1.2 released

Today we announce the release of Collabtive 1.2.

Collabtive 1.2 contains more than 20 improvements.
Most of them are bug fixes, but some new features and other improvements have also made it into this release.

There are also security improvements in this release, so all users should upgrade.

Milestones improved
Milestones can now have their start date set manually. This means you can create milestones that start in the future. Upon creating a milestone, a linked task list is now also automatically created.
Milestones will now be displayed in groups of “late”, “current” and “upcoming” milestones.

Tree view
A tree view has been implemented. It lists a projects’ structure beginning with its milestones.

Updating plugins
All plugins bought for Collabtive 1.0 or 1.1 remain compatible with Collabtive 1.2.

If you are using the plugin for project templates:

Before re-applying your plugin package, you need to open the ./include/ folder of your plugin package, find the file class.milestone.php and delete it.

After that, you can re-apply them according to their install instructions after you have completed the update to 1.2.

If you are not using the project templates plugin, you simply need to re-apply your plugin package.

Updating Collabtive
Be sure to backup your database before doing an update.
Updating from earlier versions of Collabtive is supported using 6 steps:

  1. Unpack the Collabtive archive.
  2. Retrieve config.php from your server.
  3. Put your config.php in /config/standard/ in the folder where you unpacked the archive, replacing the blank one.
  4. Upload everything to your server, replacing any old Collabtive files.
  5. Point your browser to update.php.
  6. Delete install.php and update.php from your server.

Collabtive 1.2 can be downloaded from the mirrors at our download page: