Collabtive 1.1 released

Today we announce the release of Collabtive 1.1.

Collabtive 1.1 contains more than 20 bugfixes and minor corrections.
It also updates several core components like Smarty and TCPDF to their newest version and makes Collabtive fully compatible with PHP 5.5

Several security fixes
Along with the usual assortment of normal bugfixes, Collabtive 1.1 also fixes 3 security bugs.
It is therefore highly recommended that all users update to this new version.

Updating plugins
All plugins bought for Collabtive 1.0 remain fully compatible with Collabtive 1.1.
You just need to re-apply them according to their install instructions after you have completed the update to 1.1.

Be sure to backup your database before doing an update.
Updating from earlier versions of Collabtive is supported using 6 steps:

  1. Unpack the Collabtive archive.
  2. Retrieve config.php from your server.
  3. Put your config.php in /config/standard/ in the folder where you unpacked the archive, replacing the blank one.
  4. Upload everything to your server, replacing any old Collabtive files.
  5. Point your browser to update.php.
  6. Make sure to renew your login, so the added view permission can be activated.
  7. Delete install.php and update.php from your server.

Collabtive 1.1 can be downloaded from the mirrors at our download page: