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Pack Media Collabtive

Si vous souhaitez faire connaître Collabtive, en parler sur votre blog ou par tout autre moyen, nous avons préparé un pack à cet effet.

L’archive contient une sélection de logos, bannières et captures d’écran de Collabtive. Utilisez-les donc librement !


Sortie de Collabtive 0.5.1

Nous venons de publier aujourd’hui la version 0.5.1 de Collabtive.
Elle contient principalement des corrections de bugs concernant le nouveau système de permissions, ainsi que d’autres bugs apparus avec la version 0.5.

Si vous effectuez la mise à jour depuis la 0.5, copiez simplement les nouveaux fichiers sur les précédents. Il n’est pas nécessaire de lancer le fichier update.php.

Pour ceux qui mettent à jour depuis la version 0.4.9, suivez simplement ces instructions : Continue reading ‘Sortie de Collabtive 0.5.1’ »

Collabtive media package

For all of you who want to link to Collabtive, write in your blogs about Collabtive, or doing any other kind of reporting or spreading the word about Collabtive – we have prepared a media package.
The media package contains a complete selection of Collabtive media like logos, banners, and screenshots.
You may use them freely. Enjoy.


Collabtive 0.5.1 released

Today we have released Collabtive 0.5.1.
It contains some bugfixes to the permissions system.
It mitigates some rather annoying bugs in 0.5

If you are updating from 0.5 , just copy over the new files.
You don’t need to run update.php again.

If you are updating from 0.4.9 or earlier, do it this way:

  1. Unpack the Collabtive archive.
  2. Retrieve config.php from your server.
  3. Put your config.php in /config/standard/ in the folder where you unpacked the archive, replacing the blank one.
  4. Upload everything to your server, replacing any old Collabtive files.
  5. Point your browser to update.php.

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Sortie de Collabtive 0.5

Aujourd’hui, nous sommes fier de vous annoncer la publication de Collabtive 0.5

Cette nouvelle version apporte de nouvelles fonctionnalités significatives, de nombreuses corrections de bugs et quelques petites améliorations. Après une période de test intensive et deux versions RC, Collabtive 0.5 devrait constituer la version la plus stable jamais publiée. En tout cas, nous l’espérons !

Nous invitons tous les utilisateurs de Collabtive 0.49 ou d’une version antérieure à effectuer la mise à jour.

Nouveautés principales
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Release von Collabtive 0.5

Wir sind stolz euch mitteilen zu können, dass Collabtive 0.5 ab sofort verfügbar ist!
Das Release enthält wichtige neue Funktionen und natürlich auch einige kleinere Verbesserungen sowie behobene Fehler. Nach intensivem Testen und zwei Release-Kandidaten sollte dies eines unserer stabilsten Releases sein. Zumindest hoffen wir das. ;)

Wir empfehlen allen Benutzern von Collabtive und älteren Versionen ihre Installation mit dem neuesten Release zu aktualisieren.

Höhepunkte des Release Continue reading ‘Release von Collabtive 0.5’ »

Collabtive 0.5 released

Today we are proud to announce the immediate availability of Collabtive 0.5
The new release brings significant new features, as well as many bug fixes and smaller improvements.
After extensive testing and releasing 2 release candidates, this should be one of our most stable releases ever. At least we hope so ;)

All users of Collabtive 0.4.9 and earlier are encouraged to update to this latest release.

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Maintainer for Classic theme wanted

As of Collabtive 0.5 we will no longer be supporting the “classic” theme for Collabtive.
This is because of our limited development ressources (time).

Now we are looking for someone maybe willing to maintain this theme in the future.
What needs to be done:
Mainly updating Links in the HTML Code , updating forms, updating blocks.
Mostly “intelligent” copy&paste work.

Some adapting of simple if()… statements may be required from time to time, too.

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Collabtive Release Candidate 2

Pour ceux qui se sentent suffisamment aventureux ;) voici une version de test qui précède la sortie finale de Collabtive 0.5


Voici un récapitulatif des changements :

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Collabtive release candidate 2

If anyone is feeling particularly adventurous ;) here’s what may become Collabtive 0.5


Collabtive 0.5
+ Fixed problem in the installer on IIS
+ Make most methods return associative arrays only , instead of numeric and associative indexed arrays.
This creates less memory overhead, and simplifies the conversion to XML
+ First version of an XML API included
+ Improved PDF Export (full UTF8 support for PDF reports)
+ Implemented PDF export for project->messages
+ When creating a new user, the user is notified via email
+ Fixed bug in admin->users and project->users (missing pagination)
+ Fixed some UI glitches
+ Fixed Imagelist in tinyMCE editor not displaying files without a title
+ Fixed short PHP tags in style_main.php (standard theme)
+ Fixed wrong breadcrumb link in single message view
+ Made randon number generator use mt_rand(). Numbers are attached to uploaded files.
+ Implemented new, role-based, user permissions system
+ Started porting smarty classes to strict PHP5
+ New locales: Arabian, Slovak, Swedish, Ukrainian
+ Improved Basecamp import: Assign currently logged in user to imported projects (not just the imported users)
+ Basecamp import now imports replies to messages, as well as the messages themselves.
+ Basecamp import now properly imports task-titles , not only the textbody
+ Fixed Basecamp import in standard template (admin->system and installer)
+ Fixed bug where userprofiles would get mangled up when changing system settings in admin->system
+ Edit project on project view now correctly shows wyswyg editor
+ Show more tasks on “my tasks” view on the desktop
+ Removed many unneeded TinyMCE Plugins from the package
+ Implemented properly styled error messages
+ Implemented Username and Password for access to RSS Feeds
+ Tasks may now be added by clicking on the day numbers on the project view calendar