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GESCHAFFT! 900 Fans auf Facebook!

Vielen Dank an alle, die unsere Facebook-Seite geliked haben!
Und danke auch für all die netten Kommentare, Fragen und Ideen, die ihr dort geposted habt!

Jetzt da uns noch genau 100 Likes bis zum großen “1K likes” (1000 Likes) Meilenstein fehlen, planen wir unsere erste Verlosung.
Sagt uns, welche Preise für euch interessant wären:


Thank you to all the people who have “liked” our Facebook page.
Also, thanks a million for all your kind comments, questions, and ideas posted there!

With now exactly 100 more likes to go until we reach the big “1K likes” milestone, we are planning our first giveaway.
Tell us what kind of prize you would be interested in:

Docker-Image von Collabtive

Docker ist der neueste Schrei bei der Bereitstellung von Software-Anwendungen.
Wir freuen uns ankündigen zu dürfen, dass Christian Qnib ein Docker-Image für Collabtive erstellt hat.

Hier kannst du es runterladen:

Collabtive Docker Image

Docker is the new hot stuff in deployment automation.
We are happy to announce that Christian Qnib has created a Collabtive Docker image.

You can download it here:

Be the First to Write about Collabtive’s Latest Release

Get the word out!

Get the word out!

Are you a blogger/journalist/writer interested in open source software?
Be among the first to review Collabtive 2.0!

Here’s some input to help you get started. :)

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Top 10 Myths about Open Source

Minor misunderstandings and misconceptions get repeated enough, and the next thing you know, myths are born. So Dave Ranking took the time to do some debunking:

Let’s see which of these myths are defied by Collabtive:

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