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Collabtive 3.0 released

Today we are happy to announce the release of Collabtive 3.0.

It’s a major version release and the result of extensive development going on over the last year.
With more than 50 changes, this is also one of our largest releases to date.
All known bugs have been fixed.

The focus of this release is on performance improvements and a more responsive user experience.
To achieve this, a new plugin system has been implemented and the user interface completely overhauled.

More Responsive User Interface
The Collabtive UI has been re-engineered using modern JavaScript rendering technology.
It loads faster and enables a more reactive user experience.
Page reloads have been minimized in favor of asynchronous loading and rendering of data.
Likewise, the creation of projects, tasks, etc. is now asynchronous.
The new UI rendering system also lays the foundation for more improvements in future releases.

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Collabtive 2.1 released

Today we have released Collabtive 2.1.

it brings bugfixes, performance improvements as well as new features.

Improved performance
For this release the event logging mechanism has been refactored.
This results in very noticeable speedups, especially when working with many tasks and projects.

Improved timetracker
The timetracker has been improved. The user is now able to enter the number of hours worked, in addition to specific hours.

SQLite support
In addition to MySQL, Collabtive now also supports SQLite.
It is especially suited for small to medium installations of Collabtive. You can select it in the installer.
Since SQLite is bundled with PHP, no additional database server needs to be installed.

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Time – Successful Teams’ most Precious Resource

If you charge your clients by the hour, it’s obvious that you need to know how long you’re spending on projects. But even if you don’t, and you currently think you don’t need to track time, you should think twice!
Keeping track of time spent is not only useful for billing, but can also contribute to a culture of open communication within your team. If a member’s time spent is visible to her peers, it’s a strong incentive to make rational decisions about how to use everyone’s time. Therefore time trackers are one of the most important tools for any leader.

Collabtive makes time tracking easy by recording time spent on tasks within projects:

After logging in and going to the dashboard of the project you worked on, hit the “Timetracker” bar.
Now you see a form like this one:

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Collabtive on 2015 Ultimate Open Source Software List

Guess who’s on Datamation’s 2015 Ultimate Open Source Software List? Collabtive is!

And here’s why: “Ideal for small businesses, Collabtive is a project management and collaboration tool that’s very, very similar to Basecamp. Download and run it on your own server for free or use a hosted version for a fee.”


All plugins now offer even better usability during project management.

Select plugins or just go for the bundle and save 30% off the normal price:
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Give your team a headstart to finish projects with highest efficiency with Gantt charts, project templates, a mobile web app and more!


Thank you to all the people who have “liked” our Facebook page.
Also, thanks a million for all your kind comments, questions, and ideas posted there!

With now exactly 100 more likes to go until we reach the big “1K likes” milestone, we are planning our first giveaway.
Tell us what kind of prize you would be interested in:

Collabtive 2.0 accepted into Debian Unstable

Linux users rejoice! Collabtive 2.0 has been accepted into Debian Unstable.

Collabtive has been part of the official Debian distribution since version 0.6.5 (2011). This means that all users of Debian and Debian-based distros can install Collabtive with just a few clicks or an apt-get.

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Plugins for Collabtive 2.0: Comming soon

You spoke. We listened!
After some great feedback from the users of our Collabtive plugins, we are currently adding new features and improving what’s already there.

The plugins for Collabtive 2.0 should be ready to ship next week.

Link for pre-orders:

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Collabtive Docker Image

Docker is the new hot stuff in deployment automation.
We are happy to announce that Christian Qnib has created a Collabtive Docker image.

You can download it here:

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Get the word out!

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Here’s some input to help you get started. :)

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