Neues Release: Collabtive 1.2

Jetzt geht’s weiter: Collabtive wird 1.2!

Die neue Version enthält über 20 Verbesserungen.
Die meisten davon beheben Fehler, bei anderen handelt es sich um neue Funktionen.

Da Collabtive 1.2 zusätzlich auch Sicherheitsverbesserungen enthält, empfehlen wir allen Verwendern älterer Versionen ein Upgrade.

Meilensteine verbessert
Für jeden Meilenstein kann man jetzt ein Startdatum auswählen. So kann man Meilensteine erzeugen, an denen erst zu einem bestimmten Datum in der Zukunft gearbeitet werden soll.
Beim Anlegen eines Meilensteins wird nun automatisch eine mit diesem verbundene Aufgabenliste erstellt.
Außerdem werden die Meilensteine nun nach Fälligkeitsdatum in 3 Gruppen eingeteilt.

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Collabtive 1.2 released

Today we announce the release of Collabtive 1.2.

Collabtive 1.2 contains more than 20 improvements.
Most of them are bug fixes, but some new features and other improvements have also made it into this release.

There are also security improvements in this release, so all users should upgrade.

Milestones improved
Milestones can now have their start date set manually. This means you can create milestones that start in the future. Upon creating a milestone, a linked task list is now also automatically created.
Milestones will now be displayed in groups of “late”, “current” and “upcoming” milestones.

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Plugins: Mobile Web App for Collabtive 1.1

Those Collabtive users who

  • updated from Collabtive 1.0 to Collabtive 1.1, and
  • use our commercial plugin “Collabtive Mobile Web App”

need to update this plugin. We provide this update free of charge.

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Plugins: English Translation for Collabtive 1.1

Those Collabtive users who

  • updated from Collabtive 1.0 to Collabtive 1.1, and
  • use one or more of our commercial plugins, and
  • speak English

need to update their language file.

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Collabtive 1.1 released

Today we announce the release of Collabtive 1.1.

Collabtive 1.1 contains more than 20 bugfixes and minor corrections.
It also updates several core components like Smarty and TCPDF to their newest version and makes Collabtive fully compatible with PHP 5.5

Several security fixes
Along with the usual assortment of normal bugfixes, Collabtive 1.1 also fixes 3 security bugs.
It is therefore highly recommended that all users update to this new version.

Updating plugins
All plugins bought for Collabtive 1.0 remain fully compatible with Collabtive 1.1.
You just need to re-apply them according to their install instructions after you have completed the update to 1.1.

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Collabtive Mobile Web App

It is with great pleasure that we announce the availability of the Collabtive Mobile Web App.
It enables you to use Collabtive on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.

Web App
The mobile web app comes as a plugin for Collabtive. Once installed on your web server, it allows Collabtive to serve mobile devices with a mobile-friendly user interface automatically. This way you don’t have to download or install anything on the individual devices.

The mobil web app has been thoroughly tested on iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices.

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Veröffentlichung von Collabtive 1.0

Heute verkünden wir stolz und glücklich das Release von Collabtive 1.0!
Collabtive 1.0 ist die Kulmination von 5 Jahren intensiver Entwicklungsarbeit.

Mit mehr als 60 Verbesserungen ist dies unser bislang umfangreichstes und bestes Release.

Für Collabtive 1.0 haben wir alle bekannten Fehler behoben, die Datenbankzugriffstruktur komplett überarbeitet und viele neue Funktionen hinzugefügt.

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Collabtive 1.0 released

Today we are very proud to announce the release of Collabtive 1.0!
Collabtive 1.0 marks the culmination of 5 years of development.

With more than 60 improvements, it is our biggest and best release ever.

With Collabtive 1.0 we have fixed all known bugs, overhauled the database access layer and added lots of new features.

Overhauled database access
In a major under-the-hood change we have ported the database access to PDO (PHP Data Objects).
While desireable for a while, this became really necessary now because the old way of accessing the database will be deprecated in the next version of PHP and removed in a future version.

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Collabtive 0.7.6 released

Today we announce the release of Collabtive 0.7.6.

It is the last release in the 0.7 series. It brings some new functionality, as well as bugfixes and security improvements.

Security improvements

  • Removed the openID login code since it has not been functional for quite some time, and was based on a terribly outdated library. This posed a possible security risk due to bugs in openID 1.0
  • Added a check to the installer to prevent it from being used once Collabtive has already been installed
  • Improved filetype checking when uploading the user avatar, to prevent uploading of anything other than pictures

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New plugin released: Comments for tasks

Today we announce the availability of a new plugin for Collabtive: Comments for tasks !

It allows you to add comments to any task, and displays them in the tasklist and single task view.
The plugin can now be purchased on our Plugins Page.

Watch a video showing the functionality here:

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